The Most Beautiful Cover Art
The Best Album Covers of All Time in this Vinyl LP Museum

First impressions count – this also applies to record covers. Cover art is an essential part of a record. Originally, these were packaged in a simple dust jacket made of thin paper, with no lettering, no design. After the introduction of colourful sleeves, sales increased significantly. Record covers not only try to give a visual foretaste of the musical content, but also convey the musicians' own image.

Outstanding artists were Roger Dean, his brother Martyn Dean, UK photographer and designer Keef (Keith MacMillan), Rick Breach , Colin Fulcher (aka Teenburger, Barney Bubbles) and Swiss illustrator and sci-fi artist H. R. Giger, best-known for his iconic alien creature for Ridley Scott's film and won an Oscar for his work.

The following are legendary record covers that really deserve the name „cover artwork“. These artists had clearly understood the importance of such a great designed cover.

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