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Comus • First Utterance   (Dawn DNLS 3019)
Produced by Barry Murray

Glen Goring (6-12 ac guitar, e-uitar, slide, hand drums, vocals)
Andy Hellaby (fender bass, slide bass, vocals)
Colin Pearson (violin, viola)
Roger Wootton (acoustic guitar, lead vocals)
Rob Young (flute, oboe, hand drums)
Bobbie Watson (vocals, percussion)
1. Diana  
2. The Herald  
3. Drip Drip  
4. Song to Comus  
5. The Bite  
6. Bitten  
7. The Prisoner  
Comus formed in England, taking their name from both a Greek God and respective John Milton piece from the 17th century. The band received an early boost from David Bowie, who picked the band to open for the singer back in 1969. Two years later this ground breaking folk record appeared. An unique blend of progressive rock, folk, psychedelia, melt together with horrific lyrics - witchcraft, murder, rape! Until these days these exciting and stand-alone piece of music stands as a rock in a malstrom of average music produced since then.
UK 1971 M-/M- Dawn: DNLS 3019 Insert 3500.00 €

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