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Gäa • Auf der Bahn zum Uranus   (Kerston 65 014)
Produced by J. Dörr

Werner Frey (guitar, vocals)
Werner Jungmann (vocals, congas)
Gunter Lackes (organ, piano, vocals)
Peter Bell (bass, flute, vocals)
Stefan Dörr (drums, vocals)
1. Uranus Bell/Lakes/Frey Proton Musikverlag    
2. Bossa Rustical Frey Proton Musikverlag    
3. Tanz Mit Dem Mond Bell/Frey Proton Musikverlag    
4. Mutter Erde Bell/Frey/Jungmann Proton Musikverlag    
5. Welt Im Dunkel Bell/Dörr/Jungmann Proton Musikverlag    
6. Gäa Bell/Frey Proton Musikverlag    
Gäa from the German Saarland region have become quite known in collectors circles thanks to this LP Auf der Bahn zum Uranus from 1974. But at this time it sold very poorly and the rest of only 600 sold copies ended in the dust bin. Gäa was one of only a few bands which created a psychedelic sound with German lyrics. The result however was an uninspired and amateurish mix of rock, blues and pop with quite naive lyrics, not free of unintentional humour. Nevertheless one of the hardest kraut obscurity to find nowadays.
D 1974 M-/M- Kerston: 65 014 6900.00 €

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