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No need to hype the music on this gems. These are absolute essential and historic prog and psych records and they are virtually impossible to find. Therefore the estimated prices are high for most of records! This values were revised constantly to get an idea how rare and expensive this records are.
The 'ratings' with the stars are my own individual valuations of my musical favourites. It is no sign of how expensive and rare the record is. This should only show a little orientation in music quality.
Please write me your opinion or ratings of the records:
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If you want to see all records presented on the website klick only 'GO'. Please note that this selection will grow continuously. This website launched with the beginning of 2006 so at the moment it is still right after the start with just a few records. But promise the database will getting more and more.
You can search more specified for 'Group', 'Album', 'Label', 'Track', 'Musician', 'Producer'. For example if you looking for 'Jimmy Miller' you will get all the records (from the database of course) with him as Producer.
With the 'Advanced Search ' there is the possibility to search with criterias like 'Rating', 'Pressing' (means which country) and even within a range of years.